Tips for a successful home renovation

planning a renovationIf you’re making modest changes to a few rooms in the house, or if you’re transforming your dream home, the renovating process can be pleasant, smooth and rewarding – if you take time to plan your project carefully and prepare for all contingencies by:

Doing your homework

  • Consider your lifestyle and the needs of your family before planning your renovation project
  • Think about how much you’re willing to spend and how you plan on paying for your project
  • Contact your insurance broker and review your homeowners’ policy in regards to your renovation

Hiring a professional renovator

Checking references

  • Call the renovator’s previous clients to ensure you’re making the right decision

Getting it in writing

  • Once you accept the renovator’s offer, get it written in a contract
  • Read the contract carefully before signing it
  • Consider elements like the description of work to be done, payment and holdback schedules and the responsibilities of the renovator
  • Remember, if it isn’t in the contract, then it is your responsibility as the homeowner

Establishing a good relationship with your renovator

  • Keep lines of communication open at all times
  • Ask for a progress reports at regular intervals of your renovation job
  • Ensure you’re available to make decisions when needed so work isn’t held up

The roles of the renovator and the homeowner

Before embarking on any renovation project – and prior to signing a final contract – it’s important to understand the common roles of the renovator and the homeowner.

Role of the Renovator
  • Co-ordinates their work schedule with you
  • Keeps you informed on a regular basis (i.e. when to expect subcontractors, progress updates, when you need to make decisions)
  • Makes themselves available to answer your questions and deal with changes
  • Honours deadlines set out in the contract, subject to any changes orders
  • Respects your home and family and ensures all others on the project do the same
Role of the Homeowner
  • Clears the work area of furniture and personal items and creating a safe working environment
  • Selects materials in a timely manner so as to not delay the job
  • Keeps changes to a minimum once work is underway to avoid scheduling and budgeting changes
  • Discusses questions and issues as they arise
  • Pays the contractor on time and in accordance with the terms set out in the contract

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