Be part of an exclusive network

As a member of the Hamilton-Halton Home Builders’ Association, you’ll be part of a collaborative group of:

  • Home builders
  • Suppliers
  • Trade contractors
  • Service professionals

All members of the HHHBA are committed to sharing information and experience to help their business, your business and the home construction industry in Hamilton-Halton grow and thrive.

Automatic entry into additional associations

Your HHHBA membership automatically makes you a member of the:

  • Ontario Home Builders Association: The voice of the residential building industry in the province of Ontario
  • Canadian Home Builders Association: Providing a voice and a vision of a strong and positive role for the new home building industry in Canada
Take advantage of the exclusive benefits which comes with HHHBA membership Become a Member Today

Benefits of HHHBA membership

Once you’ve gained membership to the HHHBA, you’ll be able to display our logo at your place of business.

Savvy customers actively seek out the HHHBA logo, as it represents your commitment to delivering the highest level of service while bettering the new home building industry.

Other benefits include:

  • Advocacy: Our voice – and your concerns – gets heard at all three levels of government
  • Information: You’ll stay up-to-date on the latest construction issues, best practices and industry trends
  • Special discounts: Take advantage of exclusive offers and savings only available to HHHBA members
  • Industry-wide recognition: Excellent work is celebrated through our annual Awards of Distinction ceremony

How to join the HHHBA

Fill out the HHHBA membership application

Download and print the HHHBA membership package today.

Select your membership

Applicants can join as individuals, or as a company (with more than one representative identified on the application fee).

There are four categories to choose from:

  Fees HST Total
BUILDER/DEVELOPER* $1,849.00 $240.37  $2,089.37*
RENOVATOR $1,049.00 $136.37 $1,185.37
ASSOCIATE $1,049.00 $136.37 $1,185.37
YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR** $750.00 $97.50 $847.50**

* Builder/developer members are required to pay into a mandatory Consumer Protection Fund.  This fund is used for advocacy on behalf of our members. The base amount of this fee ($500) is included in the above membership fee. The total fee is based on a fee table linked to the average units built and developed based on a 3 year average.  The total IPF fee varies according to each unit sold/developed bracket as per the detailed table in the membership application document.

** The Youth/Entrepreneur rate is available to all non-builder member entrepreneurs who wish to join the association, who are under 35 years of age, have been in business for themselves for less than five years.  This introductory rate is available for the first two years’ of membership, after which time the member will revert to a full Renovator or Associate member.

Your application is reviewed and approved by the HHHBA board

Prior to joining the HHHBA, you’ll be required to:

  • Provide an application sponsor (a member of the OHBA or CHBA)
  • Provide two business references (a member of the OHBA or CHBA)
  • Provide a New Home Warranty Number (builder members only)
  • Agree to uphold the HHHBA Code of Ethics

Join the HHHBA today

Since 1942, the HHHBA has been advocating for the interests of the home building industry in Hamilton-Halton.

As our membership grows, so does our ability to:

  • Expand your business networks
  • Educate home buyers
  • Provide marketing support

Be a part of a networked community that’s over 200 members strong, that has more than 70 years of history behind it and with an eye towards the future of new home building in Hamilton-Halton.

Apply for membership to the Hamilton Halton Home-Builders’ Association.